Experience IT

What is Experience IT?

We are a service for the local community provided by Demeter House School. Our aim is to enable potentially vulnerable young people to gain work experience and develop employability skills by offering a wide range of services to the local community. We believe that the Experience IT project offers considerable benefits to both our students and the surrounding community. We do this by undertaking project work, work experience placements and we also run our very own market stall.

What Does Experience IT Offer?

We are looking to undertake projects within the local community, based upon the needs expressed by members of the community. Projects will be matched to the range of skills our students have developed at our school to ensure both students and community members’ benefit. Such projects could, for example, include Car Washing, DIY, Garden Maintenance, Household Cleaning, Logo Design, Photography and Website Design.

If there is a project that you feel our students may be able to assist with, we would very much like to hear from you. To enquire about a possible project please do not hesitate to get in touch via our online form on the Contact Us Page.

Why Experience IT was Created?

We believe our students have a wide range of skills that could benefit the local community. Our vision is to give students a chance to work individually or as part of a team on real world projects for local business and residents to gain valuable experience in order to prepare them for employment. Students will also have the opportunity to produce and maintain a CV alongside learning interviewing techniques and completing application forms.

How Much Does it Cost?

Experience IT is a NOT for profit service, therefore any services provided are FREE. If, however, clients are happy with the service we have provided and would like to make a discretionary donation, it would be gratefully received. Any monies donated would be used to further develop the employability skills of our students.

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