Policies and Procedures

Home/School Communication

Home/school diaries are used to record homework and as a means of communication. Students’ targets and achievements are recorded in these books. The school sends written reports annually and welcomes telephone calls or visits by parents by prior arrangement. The school periodically arranges open days and displays of students’ work. We also work closely with parents to solve any social issues or problems that may arise. The school also has an active parent/teacher association, Friends of Demeter House.


In the event of sickness the school should be notified as early as possible on the first day as to the nature and expected duration of the sickness. The school would be grateful for prior notice of any appointments made during school times and requests that these are avoided wherever possible. As most of our students travel by taxi it is important that transport is cancelled quickly.


The school encourages students to dress in plain coloured sweatshirts, polo shirts and trousers. School logo sweatshirts, jogging bottoms and t-shirts are available from the school office at a very reasonable cost. The first set is given free of charge to new students. We also have school baseball caps, which are loaned to students for trips out of school. Importantly, students should be comfortable in what they wear. Students should bring soft soled shoes or slippers to wear inside school. Students will also need to provide their own P.E. or swimming kit but aprons will be provided if needed.

Rewards and Sanctions

Good behaviour and attitudes are encouraged through a variety of positive rewards. Sanctions are used only as a way of stopping poor behaviour. The school operates a positive reward system, differentiated for lower and upper school students. The school has a positive behaviour policy, which is available on request.

Admissions and exclusions

Admission is by referral through LEAs or social services. Referrals for part time places may be taken directly from schools. Admission is to students who have a statement of special educational needs or are in the process of being assessed. We currently offer full time provision for Key Stage 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 pupils, a small number of part time placements may be available to support students who wish to work towards academic qualifications alongside a more practical route. Pupils are funded through the SEN department and therefore referrals would normally be through them in the first instance. We would offer a place, on receipt of paperwork, if in our panel’s opinion Demeter House was the most suitable provision for the student and their placement would not adversely affect any other student already placed. Part time placements that are to be funded from the schools own budget may be negotiated directly. Due to the nature of our students, exclusions would only be considered in the event of severe health and safety incidents.

Special Educational Needs

It is expected that all of our students will have a statement of special educational needs. The student will be given a settling in period of at least 6 weeks and the statement targets will then be reviewed. These targets will be taken into account during planning and delivery of lessons. The school will work closely with outside agencies to ensure these needs are met. In the case of students with English as an additional language support would be sought from the bilingual support service and other local community groups.

“Meeting the requirements of students’ statements of special educational needs, with particular emphasis on appropriate experiences in English, mathematics, science and ICT.” – Ofsted 2013


The school recognises that bullying is a form of abuse and that it is the duty of all members of the school community to minimise the occurrence. Everyone has the right to attend school in safety, free from fear or intimidation, bullying will not be tolerated in any form at Demeter House. The school also has an anti-bullying policy agreed with parents and through the school council. A copy of the anti-bullying policy is available on request.

“Students state that there is very little bullying and that they feel safe in school; this view is strongly supported by parents and carers. Parents and carers state that they have experienced massive improvements in behaviour and readiness to learn since their sons joined the school.” – Ofsted 2013

Child Protection

The school has a child protection co-ordinator, Mrs Glenis Taylor. Any concerns regarding child protection will be discussed with the co-ordinator who will contact the children’s services duty team if appropriate. All concerns will be logged and kept confidentially. A copy of the child protection policy is available on request. All staff will undergo child protection training and a safeguarding file is kept on any child where there are worries or concerns. The school recognises the importance of the CAF and will undertake to complete this if necessary.

Health and Safety

The school keeps an accident and incident book where all occurrences and near misses are recorded. The school has a named health and safety officer. The school health and safety policy is available within the downloads section below.


The school operates a no smoking policy within the building and the grounds.


In the event of any complaint the school will welcome the opportunity to discuss any issues and would hope that this would resolve them quickly and satisfactorily. The school does have an independent complaints procedure; this is outlined in our complaints policy, a copy of which is available on request from the school office. Following a complaints investigation the complainant and the person complained about will be given a copy of the findings and recommendations.

In the last 12 months the school has received 0 formal complaints.