Art and Design

Art and Design is a subject that is taken very seriously at Demeter House. We are committed to supporting our students in all aspects of Art such as 3D Studies, Photography and Fine Art. We teach the subject throughout the curriculum and are able to offer GCSE and A levels in the subject. This incorporates field trips to support the students in meeting the assessment objectives, which in turn enriches the learning experience of all of our students. We find that the learners embrace the opportunity to channel their creative talents, which consequently have resulted in the production of some very satisfying pieces of work. We hold exhibitions for parents and members of the public to come and view the students’ work and these have been very positive.

“The display of students’ work in art, including high-quality photographs, is exceptional. ” – Ofsted 2013

Computer Science

Computer Science is a ubiquitous feature in society. Within Demeter House School we give the students the underpinning knowledge and skills across a wide range of topical areas from ‘Software Applications’ to ‘Programming’. This important part of the student’s educational development forms the foundation for the students to progress onto our Computer Science qualifications including IT User Skills Level 2 and 3.

Due to the rate at which Computer Science is continuously developing, the introduction of new technology within the school is constant. This assists in keeping the teaching and learning current with the real world whilst also making the learning environment much more engaging and relevant for students.

“Post-16 students are making good progress towards their A level studies in a number of subjects, despite the disruption and poor attendance which characterised their education in previous schools.”  – Ofsted 2013

English and Communication

English is a core subject within any school curriculum and we seek to promote it as such, to enable pupils to use skills developed in their English lessons in other subject areas, but also beyond school, in everyday life to help them to communicate clearly. Due to the nature of the subject and the texts we use, English provides ample opportunities for encouraging many of the whole-school aims, not least the promotion of tolerance and the value of others, an awareness of the world around us, our moral responsibilities and the spiritual dimension of our lives. We are committed to doing so in a caring and sensitive way.

Students will study a range of literature and non-fiction texts at all key stages, developing their reading and comprehension skills and learning to appreciate the writers’ methods and techniques. In writing, we aim to teach the students to plan, draft and edit their own work and that of their peers, offering constructive criticism and drawing on their experiences of different texts to enable them to use different techniques to improve their writing. We encourage all students to be able to listen carefully to other people’s points of view, building on them and learning to clearly express their own points in an appropriate manner.

“Teachers demonstrate excellent management of students’ behaviour, often through active and challenging learning.”  – Ofsted 2013


History is about the past but is evolving and changing all the time. It is a subject that is important for understanding our present and future too. In History at Demeter House School, we endeavor to give students a broad, yet in depth knowledge and understanding of the past. We cover British, European and world histories, examining the events that have shaped our lives and made us who we are. We teach History through topics such as ‘Power and Democracy’ and ‘Conflict and Cooperation’.

Tasks and activities are designed not only to provide students with an understanding of the past but also to develop their skills. The tasks involve source analysis, independent research, extended writing, empathy, debate and judgment. We use a wide range of sources, including books, films, music, power point presentations and interactive software. Students are given the opportunities to debate topics, work independently and work in small groups.


Mathematics is a core subject and is developed through the Key Stages. Maths delivery at Demeter House is designed to captivate, engage and motivate pupils to use these skills in other subject areas, their personal life and for their future career.

Students will experience a range of numeracy and functional maths skills, such as percentages to calculate best offers; fractions to scale costs and plans and maps to design buildings or conduct geographical surveys. Mathematical modeling and logic are key ingredients for problem solving whether in Computing, Engineering or Science or costing for personal finance. Statistics and Data Analysis are important in a wide range of disciplines including Business and Marketing. Drawing and Measuring are essential trade skills in, for example, Construction, Design and Planning, even Sport. Probability and likelihood are essential concepts in predictions and forecasting. Finally, Mathematics pervades every part of life, education and work.

“Students meet or exceed expected rates of progress in English and mathematics, from starting points which are mostly below the national average. ” – Ofsted 2013

Physical Education

Physical education at Demeter House is all about developing a healthy, active approach to life. Whatever the activities involved – from dodge ball to dance,trampolining to table-tennis and orienteering to the egg and spoon race – it’s designed to foster enjoyable participation in exercise and training. At thesame time, it helps each individual reach their full potential by providingbackground knowledge about health, effective training and safe performance.

Aside from the obvious benefits to health and general fitness levels, regular physical activity promotes mental and social well-being too. Playing a sport isn’t just playing a sport; it can also be developing motor skills, self-esteem, ability to form strategies and play by the rules, creative thinking, leadership abilities and other interpersonal skills, including teamwork and sense of fair play.

The goal of physical education is to instill a lifelong enthusiasm for sustaining a healthy lifestyle. In a society where obesity levels are rising fast and the temptation to slump into a sedentary lifestyle is increasingly hard to avoid, it provides the tools to help swim against the tide.


Science at Demeter House is core area of study for all students. Studying Science gives the students an understanding and appreciation of the world around them. Science also stimulates the ability to question, plan and investigate methodically, which are all key skills for a variety of careers. Science also allows the students to discuss and debate; what are the ethical implications of what we can now achieve with Science, such as GM crops, genetic engineering, transplant of organs etc?

The Science qualifications currently on offer at Demeter House are GCSE sciences (core, additional, and separate) and BTEC Applied Science. Other Science-based subjects may also be available post 16 depending on students’ interest. The students take a practical approach in many of their lessons, learning through hands on experiences, and upper school students may also visit the laboratories at Sir John Nelthorpe School and John Leggott College to participate in experiments on a weekly basis.